Our Team

Dr. Krishna Prasad

Founder and Trustee

Dr. Krishna Prasad, Ph.D from Indian Institute of Science, is currently running a boutique technology consulting company helping clients in New Product Innovation. He has been in Technology and Business leadership roles for over 30 years in leading multi-national companies like Mercedes-Benz, TATA group & Delphi Automotive.

He is passionate about education and learning. He aspires to make a positive impact on the society especially in the form of education for young children which has led him to be part of Hongirana Foundation.

Madhavi Singala

Founder and President

Madhavi is a senior business leader at a leading software services company and been with the industry for over 28 years. As part of the leadership team she has been driving various women empowerment initiatives, social impact projects including sustainability and has been an active supporter of csr lead programs.

She has also been the driving force for many community improvement initiatives like, tree plantations, lake rejuvenation, waste management.

She is passionate about environment sustainability, education of the under privileged, and which led her to be part of founding team of Hongirana Foundation.

Kavitha K P

Founder and Secretary

Kavitha is an active social worker for over a decade. She has been a member of managing committees in various residential communities. In that role, she has initiated and managed several social impact projects such as waste management initiatives, green initiatives. She has also been part of an NGO that runs civic awareness programs in schools. She is passionate about working with children and education for the underprivileged, which led her to be part of founding team of Hongirana Foundation, and the driving force of Gnana Jyothi initiative.

Sangavi Nandakumar

Founder and Treasurer

Sangavi is a post graduate in finance. She has worked in the corporate sector for over 15 yrs, and volunteers for several NGOs. She is currently associated with the group New Mornings as a mentor for under privileged children. She has volunteered with Step Up for India as a teacher in their English teaching program for Government Schools and taught spoken English online with the group One All during the covid lock-downs. She has also worked as an emotional support counselor with the Indian Cancer Society. Her passion for art and education led her to co-found Hongirana Art Project, an initiative that uses art as a tool to explore nature.

Jyothi Kashi

Founder and Trustee

Jyothi is a post graduate in Computer Engineering. Over the past 15 years, she has focused her efforts in helping young children from disadvantaged communities enhance their language and mathematical skills. To this end, she volunteered as a teacher in various government schools and has been involved with NGOs including Asha for Education and Step up for India. In an effort to create accessible education to all, she was involved in creating audio transcriptions of Kannada and English books to support the visually impaired.

Madhura Prasanna

Founder and Trustee

Madhura is a post graduate in computer science, a Technology professional. She is currently working as an independent consultant, after a stint of 15 years in Multinational Corporations. She has initiated and managed many community projects like tree planting, environmental sustainability, waste management. Her training under veteran artists, coupled with a passion for art and nature, led her to co-found the Hongirana Art project.