Our Story

Hongirana Foundation started as a community driven initiative with like minded  people who had a very strong giving-back-to-the-society ethos. 

About 5 years ago, a few residents banded together to beautify the community’s common walls through murals. The art event generated a positive response from the community. It was felt that such events could be a means of connecting people to nature through the medium of art. From this germ of an idea, Hongirana’s Chittara (Art Events) stream was born. Chittara events initially concentrated on bringing this concept of volunteer-led art events to Government schools. During these events, volunteers, school children, teachers, and the artists of the Hongirana Foundation work together to beautify the school surroundings, in the process learning art and life skills in a fun way.  Since then Chittara events have grown from strength to strength and today have become a favorite CSR activity for many corporations while still retaining the original ethos of being a volunteer-led activity.  

Meanwhile, a chance conversation with our housekeeping staff on rising costs of education gave birth to the second stream of Hongirana, Vidya Jyoti (Financial and Alumni Support). Using generous donations from the community, Hongirana Foundation has been able to partially fund the education of children of the support staff and provide guidance for higher studies and career.

Through the third stream of Hongirana Foundation, Gnana Jyothi (School Support), we have adopted a neighborhood school – Ganigarapalya Higher Primary School. Employing  a combination of experienced volunteers and contract teachers, we are  working with the school teachers to improve the grade level competencies of the children.

Through these efforts, we hope to bring quality and holistic education to children and help them achieve their dreams. For more details on any of these streams and also get involved, browse the “What we do” and “Get involved” sections of our website.