Hongirana Chittara

Art Program with Corporate for Government Schools

“Step up for India” an NGO in teaching space, were interested to involve Hongirana group to conduct corporate events of similar nature of what was done in Avalahalli School. Program “Hongirana Chittara” came to life to include corporate volunteers for painting project.

Program Summary

Hongirana Chittara is a unique art program where it helps citizen and corporate to connect with children of government schools through the medium of art.  It is program running for 2 days helping the school to decorate their walls making it a personalized space.

Core Objectives

  • Connecting with Nature with art as a medium
  • Bringing together artists, youth and surrounding communities
  • Using art to make school a fun place to learn
  • To inspire creativity, self-confidence, independence and liberty
  • Channelizing energy in a good direction
  • Art as a tool for social change and multi- skill development

What schools can look for

  • Making Schools more inviting for kids
  • Bringing out the creativity and self expression of kids
  • Enhance visual learning and overall teaching process
  • Bringing sensitivity towards surroundings

What volunteers can look for

  • Awareness of surroundings and environment
  • Interacting and bonding  with children
  • Awareness of nature around us
  • Team building and managing
  • Fresh perspective about how one can connect with their neighborhood

Program Details

 Day 1

  1. Briefing of the event to corporate volunteers  with Q&A (30 mins)
  2. Make teams depending on the number of classes and for base coat
  3. Teams conducting drawing activity will start with organizing stationery
  4. Give a briefing on topics, dos and don’ts, which are
    1. 45 mins is the time limit
    2. Write name, class and section in English clearly on corner of the drawing sheet
    3. Children are not encouraged to copy it from the books
  5. Conduct drawing activity
  6. Collect the drawings from the children, give it to Hongirana volunteers
  7. In parallel, base coat painting team would mix the paint and start with base coat along with children
  8. Once the drawing activity is done, rest of the volunteers would make groups and join base coat painting

Day 2

  1. Arrive in time for assembly of the school, Hongirana team will brief the school on
    1. Small talk on art and significance of the event
    2. Chosen drawings and it’s story – children names of the chosen drawing
  2. Display of all the drawings per class
  3. Organize teams for the following
    1. Base coat if any and stencil based patterns on other walls
    2. For hand print based mural (3-5)
    3. For main mural based on children’s drawing (5-6)
  4. Teams for hand printing and main mural will start with base pencil sketches
  5. Along with hongirana volunteers start painting main motifs
  6. Couple of volunteers in the group to organize children to do filling work, sponge work and so on
  7. Hogirana volunteers would help in mixing the paint and do the delicate and details of the painting
  8. Once done clean up premises