Who Are We?

A group of like minded people enthusiastic about art and nature and believe in communities bringing about social change.

Story behind why art?

  • It is a natural part of human
  • Builds relationship with surrounding and nature
  • Records the emotions of society
  • Helps slowing down, observe things in detail
  • Encourages critical thinking and better communication
  • Improves daily life

“Hongirana” Means

Golden rays of the rising Sun bringing light after a dark night.

Our Story

Art lovers from a residential community discovered the joy in coming together to decorate our community and personal spaces.  Few of us who were already passionate to make a social change thought it would be a great way to get the children to connect with nature. With this idea project “Hongirana” came to life with a neighborhood Government school in Avalahalli.  With each event more and more passionate people started relating to the essence of “Hongirana” and joined in to make it a bigger group of volunteers that we are today.

You can reach us at [email protected]