Impact Day Celebration 

 “Teaching is more than imparting knowledge; it is inspiring change. Learning is more than absorbing facts; it is acquiring understanding.”William Arthur Ward

A guiding principle for Deloitte, the Impact Day celebrations were held on Friday, November 24th as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. It is a year long commitment to serve local communities and make an impact with meaningful changes. Budding students starting from 1st grade to the enthusiastic 7th grade, took part in the preparation and proceedings in various capacities throughout this Impact Day.

With a finesse and grace that only the leadership of the trio – Mr. Manjunath, Sandip and Kiran can offer, the event was managed flawlessly with astounding participation from volunteers, inclusive of students, turning it to an engaging and thoughtful day – a feast for everyone’s mind.

The event was split into two sessions – morning filled with story telling and a creative evening of art, each with a distinct focus

Morning session: 

The day was filled with inspiring stories narrated with gusto, and supplemented by matched gestures and animations by students. The engrossed audience sat with rapt attention, and at pauses appreciated with applause and clapping – which made the event worthwhile.

Much credit to the dedicated and charismatic nine volunteers who made the students and audience feel natural and at home, orchestrating the event selflessly to its highest ideals.

Here is a sampler – one of the many interesting narrations.

The Story 

This depicts a beautiful comradery among a Grandmother and her sweet little Granddaughter.  Once, the Grandma misplaces her eyeglasses and desperately tries to locate it. With a diminished vision and not wanting to disturb her Granddaughter she tries in vain and ultimately reaches out her hand to her loving Granddaughter. Assuring her Grandma that she will locate it in no time, the Granddaughter assuages her Grandma’s anxiety with calm words and shows a keen sense of responsibility. Oh well, even for the Granddaughter the search proved daunting and the eyeglasses remained elusive.  Not resigning she engages her Grandma with a series of questions, and gently asks her to retrace her steps since waking up at the wee morning of the day for her prayers. The conversation was engaging and with a calmer mind and clearer thoughts, she made her Grandma recall where she kept her glasses. Their joy was spellbound when they went to the exact location where the eyeglasses lay waiting for its owner. 

The student speaker concluded the narration with thoughts of its own, illustrating some ideals that can be useful for all of us to live in a better world. Those are,

  • In a day filled with demanding tasks, we tend to overlook the power of a conversation, and the love and respect for her elders.  The story illustrates these concepts being valuable in bringing the best in ourselves, which helped her Grandma to recall the location of the eyeglasses.
  • When grandma seeks her granddaughter’s help, it shows the trust and confidence in her granddaughter’s abilities to find her lost glasses. Spending time with elders fosters these qualities.

Evening Session:

As the day transitioned to the evening, every student brought their art talents to the fore, by painting colors on plain clay Diyas. It was art amplified, with enchanting colors and vivid patterns, and lit the evening light bright, imbibing in a new energy for all the participants. The creative and decorative skills of students who did it with unrelenting passion was a treat for the audience to watch .

The diyas were handsomely placed on tables, offering a sharp contrast to the magical and eye-catching Diyas. Departing the event at the end, students took home with pride their imagination captured in their creation. Holding in their hands their art, unbelievable to their own eyes, the unbounded joy that it elicited, was a sight not to amiss.